A problem was identified: a time-gap between students selling furniture and new students needing to buy furniture, this gap leads to furniture in good condition being thrown away. We try to bridge this gap by providing storage for the furniture, thereby making it possible for students to sell their furniture after they have moved away when new students have arrived.

We want to increase reuse amongst students in order to reduce the consumption of the earth’s resources. Therefore, LiU Student Secondhands main purpose is to make it easy for students at LiU to consume furniture and stuff for their home in a circular way.


LiU Student Secondhand is one of the six committees in Navitas. Navitas is a Sustainability association at Linköping university open to all students. The association aspires to inform and inspire to sustainability amongst students as well as being a social platform for those interested in or curios about sustainability. Navitas host a lot of events for the members such as fun social gatherings and lectures with interesting companies or organisations. Do you want to know more about the association? Have a look at Navitas website!



We, the members of LiU Student Secondhand, are a group of students that are interested in sustainability and circularity and want to make a difference as well as have fun. This year the committe har grown to 13 active, excited and ambitious members!

LiU Student Secondhand 21/22:

Head of Committee: Frida Brude

Vice & Treasurer: Sarah Müller

Marketing: Eva Vollmer, Domenica de Janon & Arezou Mortazavi

Web: Björn Bergfeldt & Felicia Flod

Shop: Ellen Mårdsjö & Vivaldus Berglund

Shop Workers: Christo Sam Arul Inbaraj, Matylda Kamila Ratajczyk, Amelie Christiansen & Lisa Goldschmidtböing

LSSh 2020/2021

During the year of 2020/2021, we focused a lot on improving the shop. Amongst other things, we started with transportation events, bought a photo corner and new camera, and launched our new website

LiU Student Secondhand 20/21:

Head of Committee: Anna Björklund

Vice & Treasurer: Björn Bergfeldt

PR & Social Media: Isabelle Granberg & Adithya Ashok Nair

Web & Shop: Frida Brude & Tanvir Ahmed

Event: Moa Berglund & Nora Bastida Agote

Helping Hands: Farnaz Sourani Yancheshmeh, Giacomo Carraro, Ellen Mårdsjö, Sandra Kohlemainen & Ra’eesah Hendricks



In 2019 a project group was put together to start up a secondhand shop as a part of the sustainability association Navitas. The university could provide a location there by making a non-profit secondhand store possible. After many months of working, LiU Student Secondhand was launched and opened to students in December 2019.