Hand in request

Do you have something you want to sell or donate?
Give your furniture a new home by handing them in to LiU Student Secondhand! You can either sell or donate furniture.

Important information (2022-03-27)

Paused hand in requests

We are sorry to inform you that we currently have paused the ability to hand in new items to LiU Student Secondhand. The reason for this is that our shop premises are intended to be used as a shelter in the event of an armed conflict. This has not been a problem previously but the situation has changed due to the war in Ukraine. This means our shop likely will have to move to a different location, in which case we don't want more products than necessary in our stock. We don't know yet how the situation will unfold for us, but we will make sure to update you as soon as we get more information!


Send us a hand in request by filling out the form with the information we need, You will later receive a reply by email on whether we can accept your items, or we might have some additional questions about the items. We then decide on a time for hand in when you can bring it to the shop and will add it to our inventory, ready to be bought by other students! If the item is not sold we will reduce the price as described further down.


Because of limited space in our shop and to not have items staying for too long, we have a price reducing policy illustrated below. Note that the price will be lowered after a few months if the item has not been sold, to make sure that it does not get stuck in our store. After 2 months, summer and Christmas holidays excluded, the price will be reduced to 50% of the original price. After 1 more month, the price will be reduced to 25%, and after a total of 4 months the item will be offered for free.

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When handing in an item, you have the choice of either selling or donating your item(s) to LiU Student Secondhand. If you choose to donate your item to us, we will sell it and use the profit for our expenditures. If you choose to sell your item, you will be paid directly by the buyer through either Swish or Revolut. LiU Student Secondhand does not charge anything for selling your item, therefore the price that the buyer pays is the same as the seller receives. Note that it is only current students or soon-to-be students at Linköping University that can show us a valid student identification or proof of acceptance that can sell items through us. However, if you are not a student at Linköping University you are still able to donate items to us.

Things to think about before sending a request:

  1. - Is the item something we generally accept? We only accept furniture and things for the home. Some of the things we do not accept are textiles, books, mattresses and bicycles.
  2. - Is the condition acceptable? Would another student want it?
  3. - If you want to sell it, you will have to have either Swish or Revolut in order to get paid.
  4. - Make sure to set a reasonable price considering the type of item and condition. Since we like it when items find a new home, we encourage you to not set the price too high.