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Below you can find the answer to our most common asked questions.

Only current students, or soon-to-be students, that have been accepted to Linköping University can use LiU Student Secondhand. In order to buy or sell something, you will have to show us a valid student identification (apps: Mecenat or Studentkortet) or proof of acceptance. However, non-students can still donate furniture to us.
In the A-building on Campus Valla, Linköping, Entrance 19 (the one closest to Kårallen/Blå havet) and down the stairs. There are signs showing the way.
During spring we will recruit the new LiU Student Secondhand group. Follow us on Facebook to not miss the event that will be created when it is time!
LiU Student Secondhand is a cooperation between the student organisation Navitas and Linköping University. For now, Navitas is mostly active in Linköping which, together with the fact that we were offered premises on Campus Valla, made it natural for us to open here. If the concept shows itself successful and there are interested students in Norrköping who want to implement the concept, we would be happy to open up another LiU Student Secondhand there in the future.
LiU Student Secondhand is a project of the student association Navitas, which means that Navitas as an association takes care of the economy in which LiU Student Secondhand has a budget item.
Yes, we have a cargo tricycle and a bike with a bike cart attached to it, which we lend out for free. Both come with a lock.
The bike cart and the cargo tricycle cannot be booked/reserved, so “first come, first served” applies. If we have it in our shop when you need it, you are welcome to borrow it.
You can borrow the cargo tricycle and bike cart for free. We only take a deposit (valid ID-card, driver’s licence or passport) to make sure that it is returned in a good condition within a maximum of 2 hours and before the opening hour has ended.
For example chairs, bedside tables, shelves etc. NOTICE: the maximum weight is 50 kg. The measurements can be found on the website under TRANSPORT. The bike cart comes with luggage straps.
If you break it, you’ll have to either repair it or pay a fee for us to take care of the reparation. Let us know, so that we can have a dialogue about it. Maybe we can help.
We focus on furniture and other things for your home. For now, we do not accept for example textiles, books, mattresses or bikes.
If you wish to take back an item that you have handed in, write us an email. If the item has not yet been sold, we will remove it from the website and you have to come pick it up within one week.
You do not have to pick it up. The price of the item will be reduced after 2 and 3 months if it has not been sold (summer and Christmas holidays excluded). After 4 months it will be offered for free, which means that you no longer have any responsibility for the item. If we still cannot find a student who is interested in picking it up, we will try to donate the item to charity or, as a last step, take care of disposing of it. Read more under HAND IN.
For now, we do not offer that service. Our hopes are that when LiU Student Secondhand is established and works well, we can add further services such as reparation.
Go to "HAND IN" on the website, follow the instructions there to send a hand-in request as an email to us, wait for an email confirmation and then hand it in during our opening hours.
No, the person handing in the furniture has to be the same as the one who filled in the hand-in request.
We encourage low and reasonable prices.
No, once LiU Student Secondhand and you have agreed on a price, you cannot change it anymore.
LiU Student Secondhand or Navitas will not earn anything when your item(s) is sold through us. The price the buyer pays is the same as what the seller gets.
This is for now the best option for being able to guarantee that the money will reach the seller. With for example bank transfer or cash payment, this is not as simple.
In order to sell an item through LiU Student Secondhand, you need to have either a Swish or a Revolut account. When your item is sold in our shop, you will immediately receive the payment from the buyer to your Swish/Revolut account. LSSh does not charge anything for selling the item, therefore you will receive the entire payment directly from the buyer when they are making the purchase.
To buy something you need to come to our shop during our opening hours. Some items are paid for with card, while others are paid for with Swish or Revolut. If Swish or Revolut is needed, it does not have to be your account, but you have to show us the confirmed transaction in person. We do not accept payment in cash.
Maybe you have a friend who can make the Swish or Revolut transfer for you, or whose number you can use? As said before, many of our items can be paid for by card.
During our opening hours, which are listed on the website. If none of the listed times works for you, you can contact us at and we will see what we can do.
​​​​​​​Unfortunately, we cannot take the item back once you have bought it. Of course we do not accept items that are visibly broken or not clean, but we cannot leave any guarantees. Make sure to use your right to examine the item before buying it.
You can browse our website to see what is currently for sale. Then come to our shop during our opening hours to buy the item(s) you want. We will update the website regularly when something has been sold or added.
No, when you have bought an item (in person), we give you the possibility to pick it up within one week (7 days).
We are updating our website as often and as fast as we can, but since “first come, first served” applies, someone else might have bought the item before we had time to update the website.
No, reservations of items is not possible at the moment. "First come, first served" applies, which means that you cannot reserve an item in advance. The only way to buy our items is to come to our shop in person.
Our aim is to have a continuous flow of items in our shop. We do not want to be forced to say no to things because of having filled our shop with items we cannot get sold. We are gradually reducing the price of items that are hard to sell in order to make them more attractive.
Let’s say you sell a table for 200 SEK and we put it up on the website on 15 November 2019. If we have not sold it until 15 February 2020 (after 2 months, excluding 15 December - 15 January which is our Christmas break) the price will be reduced to 100 SEK (50% of the original price). If on 15 March 2020 (after another month) it still has not been sold, its price will be reduced to 50 SEK (25% of the original price). If it still has not been sold by 15 April (after a total of 4 months) we will give it away for free. You do not have any responsibility to take it back or dispose of it in case we cannot sell it or give it away.