PAST EVENT: We are recruiting a new team for the LSSh committee 21/22!

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date_range2021-04-28 13:21:27
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Do you want to work with and learn more about secondhand, have fun and take part in a warm community? LiU Student Secondhand is recruiting new students for our committee 21/22, so do not miss this opportunity and apply before 9 May 23:59!

Help us build a more sustainable student life – apply or nominate a friend for LiU Student Secondhand or another Navitas committee by filling out this form before Sunday 9 May 23:59.

Below you can read more about each post in LSSh, but do not forget to keep an eye on our Instagram during the recruitment where we will write even more about the posts and answer all of your questions. You can find more information about the recruitment and the other committees in Navitas in the Facebook event.

The posts that are open for application in LiU Student Secondhand (LSSh):

Vice President & Economy

– PR & Social Media

– Web

– Shop

– Shop Worker

Information about each post in LSSh:

Vice President & Economy

As Vice President & Economy in LiU Student Secondhand, you will be the right hand of the committee’s president and work with the long-term and strategic work in the LSSh, such as managing current and future collaborations. You will also be responsible for the economy in LSSh, which means that you will be the contact person for the treasurer in Navitas as well as assist the other members in the committee, who will need your help in setting up budgets for events and marketing. To thrive in this position, it is a benefit to be structured, have leadership or project management skills, and have knowledge and/or experience of working with numbers.

PR & Social Media

Are you a creative and social person who is interested in sustainability, marketing and design? Do you know how to work more professionally with Facebook and Instagram advertising, or want to learn it fast? Then PR & Social Media is the post for you! You will be in a team of two, where the two of you design the visual aspect of LSSh, plan marketing events and manage LSSh’s social media. For this position we are looking for someone that is creative, organized, social and communicative. It is beneficial if you have previous experience with working with social media, visual design or photography.


As Web, you will be responsible for maintaining and developing our custom-made website that was launched in December 2020 – Since the website is very new there is a lot of room for improvement and new features, so take this change to be a part of developing it further!

Since we are looking for 2 people for this position, you do not necessarily need to know how to program to apply. If you have other skills such as UX design or graphical design this could also suit this position very well!

On the other hand, if you have programming experience, then we are looking for someone with knowledge in web development and you should be comfortable with HTML, CSS, Javascript and basic web development concepts such as HTTP, REST, JSON etc. Being a full stack developer is a big plus since the website is very new and lacks a lot of documentation, so it is good to have knowledge in both frontend and backend development. Knowledge of database technology is also necessary and for version control you should also have some experience of Git.

Other relevant but not mandatory qualifications:

– Bootstrap

– JQuery

– Flask (Python)

– Jinja2


– SQLAlchemy

– Automated testing

– Other relevant web developer experience


In the Shop position, you will be responsible for LSSh’s core project – our secondhand shop on campus Valla. You will work in a team of two where you will organize our store to make it look nice and welcoming, handle hand-in requests, make work schedules and work routines for our opening hours, and be the contact person for our Shop Workers. Together you will also plan our transportation events, where we help students transport big furniture to and from our shop. For the Shop position, we are looking for someone that is structured and organized, social and communicative, and has an interest in interior design.

Shop Worker

As a Shop Worker, you will work in LSSh’s shop during opening hours and help out during our events. Through LiU Student Secondhand you will meet new people from different programs, but with a shared passion in spreading sustainable thinking at LiU. We are looking for someone that enjoys meeting new people, is service-minded, likes secondhand, and is interested in creating a more circular and sustainable student life.

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