PAST EVENT: Free Transportation Day

LiU Student Secondhand
date_range2021-08-06 12:25:29
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Thank you for participating in our Transportation Day!

Yes, you heard right: We are offering transportation of the furniture you buy or hand in at LSSh for FREE!

Why? Because we care about sustainability and want to create a more circular consumption of furniture. We know that it can be difficult to carry big and heavy furniture to or from our shop if you don’t have a car and therefore, we rent a car and trailer and pick up and deliver your furniture. ?️❤️♻️

How does it work?

1️⃣ You buy a piece of furniture at our shop on Campus Valla - OR - your hand in request for an item you want to sell / donate got accepted by us.

2️⃣ You register for the free transportation event by filling out this form latest September 2, 23.59() - ⚠️Notice that we only have a limited amount of spots and that your spot is not guaranteed until we've sent an email confirmation to you.

3️⃣ When the registration has closed and once we’ve planned the route, we’ll contact you by email with a preliminary time of pick up/delivery.

4️⃣ On the day of the transport event we’ll contact you by phone when we are on the way to you, so that you can get ready/carry down the furniture to the street. ⚠️Notice that we at LSSh will have a tight schedule and won’t be able to help students carry up/down furniture to/from their apartments. So if carrying the furniture requires more than one person, make sure to ask friends for help! 

In order to provide a safe service, we will follow the general guidelines set up by the Health Agency of Sweden and Linköping University. Let’s take care of each other and enjoy this opportunity!

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