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date_range2022-01-15 17:53:58
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At LSSh you can get sustainable furniture and best of all: You don’t need to worry about the transport. Just sign up for our FREE Transportation Day on January 27 and we’ll deliver it home to you. The registration form is open now!

This time we are inviting you to a new and exciting Transportation event in collaboration with Erikshjälpen who will help you transport your furniture!

Except for being a non-profit Second-hand business, Erikshjälpen's main purpose is to work for Children’s rights. Its mission is to fight poverty and help the vulnerable.

How does it work?

  1. You buy a piece of furniture at our shop on Campus Valla - OR - your hand in a request for an item you want to sell/donate got accepted by us
  2. You register for the free transportation day by filling out this form latest January 24
  3. We’ll contact you by email with a preliminary time of pick up/delivery (8-10 am or 10-12 pm) when the registration has closed and once we’ve planned the route
  4. We’ll contact you by phone on the day of the transport event, when we are on the way to you so that you can get ready/carry down the furniture to the street

If you have a question send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

We are looking forward to saving some more furniture and giving it a new home!

Erikshjälpen's vision is a changed world where children’s dreams come to life!

The three missions which Erikshjälpen Second Hand is based on are creating surplus, the environmental & the social mission. By collecting, sorting and selling gifts that have been donated to them for reuse, they work to generate surplus for social and humanitarian efforts and projects both in Sweden and internationally that fight poverty and vulnerability. Reusing resources that already exist creates of course also great environmental and climate benefits. Apart from that, they only serve fairtrade coffee and tea in their café and as much organic coffee as possible. They use eco-labeled cleaning products to prevent the release of environmentally harmful chemicals and try to reduce their energy consumption. Last but not least, a large diversity of people are involved in internships, job training and volunteering in their operations. The job training in their second hand stores gives many people a chance to get closer to the labor market, and creates faith in the future for children with parents who have been unemployed for a long time. 

For Erikshjälpen, contributing to a more sustainable society is important at all levels!

In the store in Linköping, many people are contributing to these three missions together. If you want to become a volunteer and contribute to that bold vision & mission, read more and register here!

Together we can make a difference!

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