PAST EVENT: Today we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary!

LiU Student Secondhand
date_range2020-12-04 07:21:34
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Already at the end of 2018 a project idea was starting to take shape in the sustainable-minded student organisation Navitas and in December 2020 LiU Student Secondhand was officially born.

The idea that started what is now a well-visited secondhand store at Campus Valla was to improve circularity and sustainability in the flow of furniture and home necessities between LiU students. As a result LSSh acts as a marketplace for students to sell, buy or donate furniture - through us you can save or earn money while giving furniture a second chance in a new home.

As the shop is growing, so are the services that we offer. A project to create a web application for LSSh was initiated by our vice president/treasurer Björn Bergfeldt which set up a development team consisting of four students: Björn Bergfeldt, Filip Brunander, Isak Almquist and Alexander Bois. They have now developed a new custom-made website (this very one you’re reading this article on!) to better showcase our range of furniture and home necessities as well as to improve our internal processes making it easier and better for both students and us working in LSSh. And what better time to launch our new website than during our 1 year anniversary celebration?

One year has passed since LSSh first opened its doors, and now we at LSSh are proud to celebrate our 1 year anniversary along with the launch of our new website – and we are looking forward to celebrating many more in the future to come.

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