We know it is hard to transport furniture, so we have some solutions!
We offer free rental of a bike & bike cart and a tricycle which you can use to transport furniture to and from the shop!


The transportation bikes can be used during our opening hours but can not be reserved in advance, it is first come first served. To borrow the bike you need to give us some contact information and leave an ID-card with us that you get back when you return the bike. Note! The bike needs to be returned before the opening hour is over so make sure not to come right before closing. The cargo bike/bike cart can be borrowed for a maximum of 2 hours. When picking up the cargo bike/bike cart, we will agree upon at what time the bike should be returned to us.

In case of damage, the student has to either make sure that the bike is repaired or pay the cost of reparation. In case of loss, the student is required to pay a fee of 1000 SEK.


Our goal is to offer environmentally friendly transportation to our users. Therefore we have a cargo tricycle and a bicycle cart that you can borrow for transporting smaller items such as a chair, bedside table, shelf or other household goods. This service is free.

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What: Cargo bike

Measurements: 85 x 60 x 55 (cm)

Max weight: 50 kg

Additional information: Comes with a lock.

What: Bike & bike cart

Measurements: 70 x 57,5 x 32 (cm)

Max weight: 50 kg

Additional information: Comes with a lock and luggage straps

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You can not bring everything on a bike so a few times each semester we arrange transportation days. Then we pick up and deliver furniture to your door for a small fee. Currently we do not have a transportation day scheduled, so keep an eye on our facebook page to not miss our next one!